Electrical- \ Building Facilities

Consulting for Building Projects

there have highly requirements for technical building, quality, effectiveness and ecology for the work and effectiveness overcreating consultant and interdisciplinary connection of the breaching processes of error. So it may be that we have completed the basic and needs assessment for a later project term. At the beginning of the project, the following steps for project development and realization will be presented and coordinated. This, of course, includes appointment and budget management. For refurbishments or extensions, I usually have higher requirements for planning and implementation than for new buildings. Decisive for the success of the project is the regular reflection of the project statuses and, if necessary, corrective control measures for target / actual deviations.

Project and concept development

Specifications and target specifications, pre-planning for buildings, sub-areas, building infrastructure, safety technology.

Weak point analysis

Recording Assessment of the overall situation in relation to a defined objective (function, efficiency, ecology, etc.).

Security analyzes

Recording Assessment of the overall situation in relation to a defined objective (burglar protection, vandalism, access regulations, fire protection, etc.).

Integral functional controls

Building and security facilities in particular with interdisciplinary dependencies and controls.

Planning, tendering, construction management

All phases of the project.

Quality controlling

In-service quality control of project milestones with evaluation and comments.

Building Facility management

Organization of maintenance, monitoring and evaluation of consumption values, fault management (recording, reporting, repair - emergency planning).

Consulting for certification procedures

Preparation of existing infrastructures and formalization of the stock as a basis of evaluation for independent institutions according to valid test programs.